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Paramount Mortgage Brokers Club is pleased to have these people as their club members as they are not just ordinary mortgage people out there in the world. But these are the people who have a significant amount of experience in the mortgage field and are very well versed with the pros and cons, depths and heights involved in the mortgage business. 

Benjamin Zschech—Mortgage Planner 

Benjamin Zschech is the leading mortgage broker who has an overwhelming experience of 13 years in the mortgage field. He started his career first as a mortgage broker and constantly made his way to Mortgage Planner. His experience taught him the best lessons and is an effective planner and coordinator in carrying out the mortgage projects. He currently works for RMD Reverse Mortgage Services. 

Jake Williams—Senior Mortgage Consultant 

Jake Williams is the Senior Mortgage Consultant for a firm that focuses on lower mortgage rates. He is a researcher and constantly researches on the available options and possibilities in reducing the mortgage costs to the lowest possible level. Besides working as a Senior Mortgage Consultant, he also operates as the senior mortgage advisor for many mortgage related firms such as ISCF

Jeff Turner—Senior Mortgage Consultant 

Jeff Turner is an experienced mortgage consultant who has carried out many mortgage projects successfully. His experience dwells in advising people to choose the right mortgage plan and to guide them with all the necessary information in taking up the advice.

Groshan Woodham—Senior Mortgage Consultant 

Groshan Woodham, the director of a popular Mortgage Consultancy, is an expert in dealing with the problems and issues faced by many Mortgage takers. He is a successful financial advisor and explores all the available plans and options based on the capabilities and dreams of the mortgage takers. After working for many years as a consultant. He currently runs a Mortgage Consultancy of his own. 

Greg Hartwell—Senior Executive Director 

Greg Hartwell is the senior executive director of a local mortgage consultancy. He bags his career as a mortgage consultant 7 years ago. He has a profound vision of carrying out a financial firm that has mortgage as its main wing of operation. The mortgage firm for which he works as a director is now a well established firm in the local area. Apart from working as the senior executive director, he is also a professional investor and a qualified accountant. He is presently working out on his dream to establish a financial firm. 

Vanessa Dobbins—Equity Loan Advisor 

Vanessa Dobbins is the Equity Loan Advisor at a prestigious contract agency. She has graduated in the field of commerce and worked as Professional Financial Planner and Accredited Mortgage Professional for over 6 years till now. As a Equity Loan Advisor, she is committed to structure and design a mortgage that well fits your financial budget. Also, she is a good financial advisor and helps the clients to choose the best possible mortgage plan. 

Kevin Sturo—Senior Loan Officer 

Kevin Sturo is a Senior Loan Officer for RealEstateContacts.com, a popular mortgage consultancy in the local area. Kevin has a strong background in the field of finance and operates efficiently in the loan department. He has got a tremendous insight in almost all the financial programs that exist in the availability. He takes perfect decisions and is known as the financial overseer in the club. 

Greg Peterson—Senior Financial Advisor 

Greg is fantastic in helping the people to get out of their financial crisis. He has a fabulous amount of experience in helping the people in taking the right decision at the right time. Before he stepped into this field, he was into finance and banking or more than 17 years. An efficient Financial Advisor that people most look upon. 

Diana Cornett—Processor/Underwriter 

Diana Cornett is the senior Processor/Underwriter having 8 years of experience in the respective field. His experience as the Processor/Underwriter for the First Internet Bank of Indiana has made her specialize in commercial, small business and renovation lending contracts. She assists well in all the business needs of the organization. 

Martin Lukac—Mortgage Legal Advisor 

Martin has eight years of experience in this field and is well versed with all the legal issues involved in the mortgage contracts. His experience as a successful operations manager of debthelp.com has helped him a lot in the present career and is constantly on the look out for more experience as the Legal Advisor.