Chiropractic care is a form of natural medicine that focuses on the human body’s musculoskeletal and neurological systems. Chiropractors use manipulation to restore normal mobility and range of motion to patients’ joints. Some chiropractors specialize in treating a specific condition or a combination of conditions. A chiropractor is also known as a Doctor of Chiropractic or a Chiropractic Physician. Get the facts about Chiropractor
Chiropractic service can help manage the pain associated with migraine. However, more research is needed to confirm the effectiveness of chiropractic treatment in treating this ailment. There are several important factors that chiropractors should consider when determining whether it’s right for their patients. Chiropractic practitioners who regularly manage migraines report that they have a high caseload.
The benefits of chiropractic care go beyond treating physical pain. Chiropractic treatment can also promote healing in the body by reducing inflammation and correcting joint subluxations. Depending on the condition, chiropractic care can be a good alternative to surgery or pain medications. Medicare Part B covers some chiropractic services. However, you must meet certain conditions for the treatment to qualify for payment.
Patients should know what to expect from the chiropractic service. Depending on the type of treatment and the nature of the condition, patients may experience different levels of improvement. Generally, patients should be prepared to pay for a variety of treatments. The best option is to consult a medical professional about your particular condition and the treatments you receive.
In a recent study, Gausel and colleagues evaluated the effectiveness of chiropractic management for pregnant women who had dominant one-sided pelvic girdle pain. The authors enrolled pregnant women in a prospective longitudinal study that included chiropractic interventions. Women in the intervention group received chiropractic care individualized to each woman’s condition.
In a randomized controlled pilot study conducted at UCLA, chiropractors often used physical modalities in combination with spinal manipulation. Although there is little evidence that these added treatments provide additional benefits, the UCLA Back Pain Study examined the effects of chiropractic treatment on low back pain. In the study, 72 patients with chronic low back pain received spinal manipulation, while half of them received physical therapy as well.
An additional benefit of chiropractic care is that it can reduce dizziness, an important risk factor for falls. This condition is also linked to neck pain, which is a common symptom. Neck manipulation may improve dizziness in elderly patients. In fact, a parallel 2-arm pilot study conducted in Melbourne, Australia, found that patients with chronic neck pain received a reduced risk of dizziness.