In addition to offering regenerative injections, QC Kinetix provides natural biologic treatments. These treatments are a viable alternative to addictive pain pills and surgery. The injections restore damaged joints and tissues. In recent months, the U.S. reported a record number of overdose deaths. Of these, over 100,000 were caused by opioids. Emmitt Smith, who is a proud advocate of QC Kinetix, has described the benefits of these procedures as “mind-boggling.” Feel free to visit their website at QC Kinetix (Naples) for more details.

The QC Kinetix franchise model allows medical professionals to continue to work in their current job while running a regenerative medicine practice. Instead of being constrained by insurance rules and assembly line treatment, franchisees take responsibility for financials, operations, and management of the clinic. The franchise model allows doctors to choose to open one or two clinics or partner with non-licensed investors. Franchisees must be medically licensed in their area, but they can work in a partnership with non-licensed individuals to expand their professional reach.

QC Kinetix uses biologic substances to reduce inflammation and speed up the healing of injured tissues. Unlike traditional, highly addictive prescription medications, QC Kinetix’s treatments are proven safe. However, some conditions may prevent patients from using these procedures. These patients must undergo medical evaluations before treatment. However, patients who are otherwise healthy may benefit from these treatments. They can even resume their normal daily activities within a few days.

As a spokesperson for QC Kinetix, Emmitt Smith understands the benefits of these treatments and the impact that they can have on those who suffer from chronic pain. A new business model, QC Kinetix is offering regenerative medicine treatments to Arizonans, allowing them to live an active life without pain. It also reduces the need for surgical interventions. QC Kinetix’s four Phoenix clinics are open for patients.

Franchisees can take advantage of a company with a strong brand reputation and instant access to effective marketing programs and equipment suppliers. QC Kinetix’s leadership is constantly researching the latest advancements in regenerative medicine. The support and training given by the company’s professional marketing team will help franchisees build a successful business. The business model is profitable, and QC Kinetix franchisees can expect a high return on investment.

QC Kinetix’s regenerative treatments are the results of years of scientific research and development. The company’s treatments are proven to provide long-term results while requiring no surgery, medications, or complicated surgical procedures. Patients can take advantage of payment plans tailored to their budget and can also make payments with approved credit transactions. Further, QC Kinetix is committed to the patient’s comfort. The treatment options available at QC Kinetix will make life easier for you and your family.

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