Steven C. Wyer is the Managing Director of Reputation Advocate LLC and has helped numerous clients recover from negative publicity and misinformation on the web. With diverse experience in business, Wyer has worked with Fortune 500 companies, co-founded a nutritional company, and has served on several boards. He enjoys working out at the gym, reading, and capturing observations from his daily life in one of his many blogs.
Before launching his own company, Steven Wyer worked as an investor and businessman in financial services. He helped establish two companies focused on debt acquisition and helped create a structured finance company. He then founded Reputation Advocate in 2006, a company that specializes in reputation management and defense.
Reputation Advocate is an online reputation management company based in Nashville, Tennessee. The firm focuses on online slander and defense strategies. It represents both individuals and businesses who need to respond to negative content. The Reputation Advocate website claims that it has helped over a million individuals and businesses address the problem.
The Managing Director of Reputation Advocate has experience in a number of industries, including television production, consumer lending, and collections. He has also been an active member of the Direct Marketing Association, Debt Buyers Association, and Mortgage Bankers Association.
Steven Wyer is an author with a number of other publications and is a member of the Advisory Board of the Middle Tennessee Better Business Bureau. He also serves as a court-appointed special advocate for Davidson County, Tennessee. He lives in Franklin, Tennessee.
Reputation is a growing issue with a huge impact on our lives. Online slander and the damage it can cause is widespread, but few people are prepared for it. Steven Wyer and his team at Reputation Advocate have developed an innovative approach to online slander and help their clients recover. His clients include individuals and businesses in the medical, legal, and investment banking industries.
A recent case involving Facebook privacy highlights the importance of keeping personal information private. By keeping information private, Facebook users can prevent others from discovering it. It is impossible to hide everything on Facebook, but people should be aware of their privacy settings. For example, the Timeline feature lets users browse posts based on their date of creation, rather than chronologically. As a result, people are finding things they regret publicly on Facebook.